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Hi all

is there any way how to backup filesystem with ACL's and permissions
directly from stdin to multiple DVDs?

With a little work, yes.

The only way to backup UFS filesystems with ACLs etc is dump. Make sure
that you have a filesystem with >4GB free space. Add a directory on this
fs, and set the nodump flag.

Have a look at the 'dodumps' script on my FreeBSD page;
If you use dump like I do in dodumps, it splits the output in DVD-sized
chunks. After every chunk, it waits for you to type 'yes' to proceed.
So what you can do is burn the first dumpfile to a DVD (don't bother
wrapping a cd9660 fs around it), delete it, and then continue with the dump.

Alternatively, you could buy an external USB harddisk which will have
room to spare and save you dumps on that. :-)



I just wanted to do backup of some machines (Linux & FreeBSD mixed env.). Every machine has DVD burner and directory that is bigger than media size (>4GB). I thought about some universal solution for both OSs. I found project called cdbackup, but it is only avaliable for Linux. Combined with star I think it should be enough for my needs.

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