On 1/9/08, Sean Murphy <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Is anyone successful in installing FreeBSD from a SATA DVD Drive?
> I am having trouble as it boots from the CD of 6.3 RC2 but at the
> beginning of the install it fails.  The CD I then tried in another
> computer and it installs fine.  I was wondering if it was the SATA DVD
> drive or the motherboard.

Do you get an error message when it fails?

I just installed AMD64 7.0-RC1 using the internal SATA DVD on an Acer
Aspire M5630. During the boot of the install CD, it paused for a while
with several READ_BIG errors, then that apparently timed out and and
changed modes, then it continued to boot without problem. I have not
yet tried to do anything with the DVD drive now that I have the system
up and running.

BTW, the video card uses the RADEONHD driver which does not yet
support hardware video acceleration, so I don't really recommend
running out and buying a new Aspire just yet.

- Bob
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