Darren Pilgrim wrote:
Kris Kennaway wrote:
Darren Pilgrim wrote:
softdep_waitidle: Failed to flush worklist for 0xc66e5298

A quick check and that message gets spit out whenever I issue
any of the following commands:

# mount -uo ro /usr/ports # umount /usr/ports # umount -f /usr/ports

As luck would have it I ran into this in my own testing
yesterday, and Kostik Belousov has a proposed fix (apply it with
patch -p2). This is against 8.0 but should also appy to 7.0.
Don't know about 6.x.

It didn't apply cleanly, with hunks failing in:

sys/kern/vfs_subr.c (all)
sys/ufs/ffs/ffs_softdep.c (hunk 4)

The chunks that succeeded all had offsets, so I'm guessing the patch isn't going to work for 6.x.

OK, probably not. I guess once this is committed to 8 then we can ask him about MFC plans.

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