Who is maintaining the GNU TeXmacs port to FreeBSD?

The port is somewhat out-of-date: 1.0.1 is the current stable release,
the FreeBSD port is 1.0.0.

I tried building TeXmacs from the source, but it has some problems. I'm
going to work on it over the weekend and see if I can get it working. I'll
be submitting any changes to Joris (the main TeXmacs developer) so future
versions should be tip-top on FreeBSD right out of the tarball.

I use TeXmacs quite a lot and have some 1.0.1 documents that I need to
continue working on. I am active in the TeXmacs user community (I
wrote the Octave <-> TeXmacs link and other sundries) and I always stay
current on the stable releases, and usually try quite a few development
snapshots too.

So I am in an ideal position to maintain this port for FreeBSD since I
need the latest releases anyhow for further Octave/TeXmacs development.

That I'm in a position to help the FreeBSD project as well is a happy
state of affairs, and I'd love to pounce on the opportunity.

So, is there someone specific I should email about all this?

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