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> Hi,
> I have a question  about recovery.
> I removed one directory with "rm -r ".Is there any way to restore
> information that removed with "rm -r".

In short, everything that is part of the base system or ports can be
restored with some effort.

If it is a subdirectory of /usr/src/, you can restore it with csup(1).
If it is a subdirectory of /usr/ports you can restore it by updating
your ports tree. Other directories under /usr (except /usr/local) can be
restored by rebuilding and reinstalling the base system as described in
the handbook. If you have removed /usr/local or a subdirectory of it you
could reinstall all your ports.

If you removed (part of) your home directory or any other non-system
data directory, you'd better have a backup. 

If you have never made a backup of your own data, start now!

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