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> Flash is becoming more dominate daily and there are many sites that  
> are basically unusable without it.  Some banking, telco, etc. sites,  
> etc.  That are difficult if not impossible too use for account
> access without flash and don't pay much attention to end user
> requests based on the installed base of Flash[89].  That brings up
> another detail, many sites now require Flash[89] even though they
> don't actually need it probably to impress their customers with their
> being on the technological, bleeding edge.

Unfortunately, the poor support for Flash, as well as other common web
features under FBSD, is a prime reason that I continue to keep my WinXP
PC operational. At least Window's Internet Explorer, despite its real
or alleged problems, can correctly access virtually any site I want or
need to visit. As the above poster stated, being able to correctly and
expeditiously navigate through a banking site is an important criteria.

I belong to a state 'Officials Association' that deals with officiating
High School sports. Their site is written in such a way that Flash with
either Windows Media Player or QuickTime are required to properly view
the site. Try as I might, I have never gotten either Opera or Firefox
using FBSD to correctly view that site. I basically just gave up on it.
The same problem exists with many sites sponsored by Google for

If this was 1990, perhaps I could understand it. However, considering
the present state of computing, the fact that plug-ins like Flash are
not simple drop-in applets, similar to the way Internet Explorer
handles them, is simply not acceptable.

Just my 2ยข.



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