Marc G. Fournier wrote:

Does anyone know if there is any serious work being done to get AFS working under FreeBSD? I have a large project that I'm working on that AFS (or something equivalent) would be *very* useful for, but we're trying to keep it as FreeBSD-pure as possible ...

Yes. Please get in touch with any of the people CC'ed in this list. I believe Matt Benjamin is the one who is actually getting serious on this project. Patches were even mentioned in a recent email. I recall Jim Rees is knowledgeable on AFS. I also think one Derrick J. Brashear was interested/knowledgeable too, but I don't have his address handy. If I misrepesented anyone please feel free to correct me.

Matt, if you do not know Marc, look up Postgresql. Marc is the port maintainer for postgresql as well as a postgres developer. (iirc)

Me, I am just a user who put together an ugly, ugly little FreeBSD port a long time ago in the hope that it would inspire some people who were qualified to do real work to pick it up and run with it.

There are a couple mailing lists suitable for FreeBSD porting discussions. One is run by the OpenAFS people and the other is run by FreeBSD people.

Sorry for the spam and cross posts. It seems like the interest in OpenAFS on FreeBSD is building. I hope that this message will put the right people in touch with each other and that maybe a concerted effort to port OpenAFS to FreeBSD will arise.


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