Shawn Barnhart wrote:
Went looking for a cheap GigE PCI card to use with a 6.2 (6.3-PRERELEASE) stable system, and brought this home due to Microcenter not stocking Intel cards and me not wanting to wait for Newegg to ship one to me.

I have the re driver built into the kernel, but this particular card is not recognized even though its supposed to be based on the Realtek 8169 chipset. Realtek has a linux driver download (of unknown quality) and that source has a mod time of 2/06, so I'm guessing it's not a reinvention of the wheel or a super-significant change.

Anyone track these things close enough to know if there's something significant changed in this chipset family?

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I have 5 of the nic cards TEG PCI TXR running on Various versions of 7. * and 8.* of FreeBSD. There was somebody on the weekind also having trouble with version 6.* Same as your problem. Try switch to 7.*

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