> > I'm aware of the 'xset' utility, but this does not seem to do anything
> for
> > linear scaling, only acceleration.  Also, it [of course] has no effect
> on
> > the console pointer.
> Linear? Do you mean threshold 0, like `xset m 3/2 0'?

'xset' is indeed what I want.  Err, `xset', not 'xset'.  I'm learning the
FreeBSD lingo.
When I do `xset q' it gives me the defaults, and I get a line:

Pointer Control:
  acceleration:  2/1    threshold:  4

So think what I want is something along the lines of `xset 3/1 3'.  Thanks
for the help.  I didn't think `xset' would do what I wanted, but it
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