Hey all!

A colleague of mine tracks a Yahoo mailing list, but always gets mails from 
them with a large delay (or not at all) due to our mailserver doing 

This comes from the fact that the triplet that represents a message sent from 
a Yahoo mailing list changes with every message (because the envelope-sender 
_always_ contains a unique ID to do bounce detection).

Additionally, I can't seem to make out a set of "subnets" from which the 
messages arrive; I've so far identified at least five subnets that Yahoo uses 
to send messages out (and I'm hesitant to add five subnets to the whitelist, 
especially when they're not closely related in any way as Yahoos subnets seem 
to be: 66.94.237, 66.163.168, 66.163.169, 69.147.103 and 209.131.38 is what 
I've seen so far from old messages at a quick glance).

Anybody here have the same problem, and has rules for whitelisting Yahoo 
mailing lists properly?


Heiko Wundram
Product & Application Development
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