We are having this issue with samba and OSX 10.2.3. We are using
freebsd4.7 serving samba as a fileserver for our company, we have a mix
of windows and macs connecting to it. The windows machines work just
fine the macs are another story.

        I have narrowed it down to this: I can open a file/document from the
fileserver on my mac and edit it but it tells me I dont have the
permissions to copy it back. This is from a volume that I mounted on the
desktop using the 'apple+k' to mount it. When I mount it by command line
I can edit the file/document(anyfile) and copy it back with no problem.

        I have also found this to be true on my linux system. Exact same
problem when trying to edit and copy a file back to the fileserver that
has been mounted on the desktop, I get the permission denied error. When
mounted by command line I can open any file and edit it then copy it

        Has anyone run into this before and have found a solution they would
like to share? I have done google searches but from everything I find it
doesn't answer my question or im just not posing the question correctly.

Thanks for any help,


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