Kurt Buff wrote:

Per a private message (thanks, Peter) I learned that 'ant run' is
deprecated, and I should instead use 'ant start'.

This seems to have no effect, as the output is the same.

The README does talk about a wizard, which, after pondering all of
this overnight, seems to mean some GUI component that guides you
through setup. There is no window manager on this machine, and I don't
have X installed, except for what Java/Ant libraries were installed.

So, I'm still left with the questions above.


We spoke briefly about 'ant install' opening port 28080... when this happens, you can connect your browser to that port (http://yourhost:28080 -> this is the wizard the readme is talking about). There seems to be some timegap between the installer reporting it's ready and the actual opening of the port (I tried last night).

You don't need X (I don't have it), just some patience. When you've completed the install (with your browser), the ant will shutdown and you can start then sslexplorer with 'ant start'. Again there will be a timegap between the ending of the startup script and the opening of the port.


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