we have a Solaris 10 NFS server and a FreebSD 7.0 NFS client.
We have a couple of NFSv4 mounted filesystem on the client.

/mnt/nest nfs rw,-r=16384,-w=16384,tcp,-4              2       0
/jails nfs rw,-r=16384,-w=16384,tcp,-4               2       0

We are having strange issues: for example
- we cannot execute binaries on the mounted filesystems
- if we umount one of the two filesystem from the client, the other filesystem
must be remounted, otherwise a process the is writing on it exit with
errors. For example
we have a iozone running on /mnt/nest and we umount /jails, the
iozoine exits with:

Can not open temp file: iozone.tmp
open: Unknown error: 10011
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/mnt/nest/iozone/nfs4

Is anybody using nfsv4 between a Solaris 10 server and a FreebSD 7.0 client?
Are you having problems on it?

This is our FreeBSD version:
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:~ uname -a
FreeBSD bsd7.ifom-ieo-campus.it 7.0-RC1 FreeBSD 7.0-RC1 #0: Fri Jan 11
19:22:50 CET 2008
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/mnt/nest/usr/src/sys/BSD7  i386

(everything si running fine on nfsv3).

Bye and thanks for your help

Valerio Daelli
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