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Radheshyam Bhatt wrote:
Hello  People,

               How's it going?    I am interested in to developing drivers
for FreeBSD.   How do I go about start learning program for that?  What
books & resources I should look in to.   I know C, and I am learning about
processes, and system calls.   Also where would I take my questions to if I
don't get something and need help for something in system's programming...
Please email me back..

I would recommend reading:
"The Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System"
by by Marshall Kirk McKusick (Author), George V. Neville-Neil (Author)

The questions go where they are appropriate (scsi driver? perhaps freebsd-scsi@ or freebsd-hackers@ ?).

But there is no maillist for general programming FreeBSD, only specific ones. Perhaps a list for newbies FreeBSD programmers can fill the gap.

Useful Acronyms : FAQ = Frecuently Answered Questions
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