On Thu, Jan 17, 2008 at 01:30:23PM +0100, Laszlo Nagy wrote:
> Jeff Laine wrote:
>> Hi to all.
>> Stupid question here )
>> I've cvsup'ed recently from 6.1 to RELENG_6_3. All seems to works pretty
>> well right now.  There are plenty of new drivers and fixes that I needed so
>> much! Many thanks to developers!
>> But now "uname -a" says it's 6.3-RELEASE.  I thought it would be 6.3-RC2 .
>> Is it still "release candidate" or not?
> Usually it means that this is a new RELEASE, but it is not announced until 
> all mirrors and ftp sites have the right thing up.

But sometimes there is a last minute bug found that means things have to be
rebuilt again.
It should be considered a release candidate until the official announcement
has been made.

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Erik Trulsson
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