I have a basic Acer Aspire with Vista on it but I am very unhappy
about the speed of work on it. I do not want to wipe out MS system (at
least not yet) but would like to give FreeBSD or PCBSD a try.

1. Am I safe by installing FreeBSD alongside Vista? Will the
installation not destroy MS system?

2. I have installed FreeBSD a few times but only with console access,
never with X windows. Would it be better to install PCBSD on the Acer
machine? I have never configured X windows and not sure how long it
could take with FreeBSD (actually I mean things like Gnome or KDE).

3. The wi-fi card is probably Acer InviLink 802.11b/g Wi-Fi. Any
chance such wireless card will be supported by FreeBSD or PCBSD?

Which is a better solution for a home user?

Thank you very much for your practical recommendations!

Zbigniew Szalbot
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