Dear all,

        I'm trying to install FreeBSD 5.0-RELEASE on my system (Tyan Tiger
S2460 dual Athlon system, CDROM as primary IDE device, ICP Vortex SCSI RAID
(BIOS makes this appear as C:)) - if I don't boot -v, the last line I see is
"mounting root from /dev/md0". If I add -v, the last line I see is it trying

        At this point, the system doesn't appear to have locked hard
(pressing Alt+F2 gives a beep, ctrl+shift+prtscn tells me there's no
debugger in the kernel) but the install won't go any further. Does anyone
have any ideas how I might get 5.0 installed?

        (A related question: does anyone have a 5.0-current snapshot ISO
image from around a year ago (late 2001, early 2002) lying around? I'm 99%
sure one of these will boot on this box).

        Thanks in advance,


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