Hi ,
       My product is successfully running on Linux( all most all versions)
and HP- UX and Windows .

  *It is 100 % C++ code*.

 I am planning to support it on FreeBSD, i have two queries :

1. *How to build my code into binaries* on FreeBSD , i have my unix make
files. Just to give an idea i have around 200 cpp files and they complile to
5 binaries . I am using multithreading(posix on linux) and sockets heavily.

I dont want to run my application in linux mode, i have clear cut
instructions to have BSD specific binaries.I have to see what is the
difference between Linux and Free BSD in terms of file management, their
structure, threading model etc.

2.* How to package the binaries*(RPM sort of thing). Idea is to provide a
package to user who can install them binaries using this package by issuing
single command.

Please let me know if there is anyother forum where i can get answers to my
queries, as i will be needing lot of help in near future.

*Help will be appreciated.*

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