I'm trying to setup serial console on my FreeBSD 7.0-BETA4, I'm facing
some issues.

[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]$ cat /boot.config
[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]$ cat /boot/loader.conf
sound_load="YES"                # Digital sound subsystem
snd_hda_load="YES"              # Intel High Definition Audio (Controller)
snd_ds1_load="YES"              # ds1
console="comconsole,vidconsole"         # A comma separated list of console(s)
[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]$ cat /etc/ttys |grep -v ^# |fgrep -v none
ttyv0   "/usr/libexec/getty Pc"         cons25  on  secure
ttyv1   "/usr/libexec/getty Pc"         cons25  on  secure
ttyv2   "/usr/libexec/getty Pc"         cons25  on  secure
ttyv3   "/usr/libexec/getty Pc"         cons25  on  secure
ttyv4   "/usr/libexec/getty Pc"         cons25  on  secure
ttyv5   "/usr/libexec/getty Pc"         cons25  on  secure
ttyv6   "/usr/libexec/getty Pc"         cons25  on  secure
ttyv7   "/usr/libexec/getty Pc"         cons25  on  secure
ttyv8   "/usr/local/bin/xdm -nodaemon"  xterm   off secure
ttyd0   "/usr/libexec/getty std.115200" vt220   on  secure
ttyd1   "/usr/libexec/getty std.9600"   dialup  off secure
ttyd2   "/usr/libexec/getty std.9600"   dialup  off secure
ttyd3   "/usr/libexec/getty std.9600"   dialup  off secure
dcons   "/usr/libexec/getty std.9600"   vt100   off secure
[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]$ stty -a -f /dev/ttyd0
speed 115200 baud; 0 rows; 0 columns;
lflags: icanon isig iexten echo echoe -echok echoke -echonl echoctl
        -echoprt -altwerase -noflsh -tostop -flusho pendin -nokerninfo
iflags: -istrip icrnl -inlcr -igncr ixon -ixoff ixany imaxbel -ignbrk
        brkint -inpck -ignpar -parmrk
oflags: opost onlcr -ocrnl oxtabs -onocr -onlret
cflags: cread cs8 -parenb -parodd hupcl clocal -cstopb crtscts -dsrflow
        -dtrflow -mdmbuf
cchars: discard = ^O; dsusp = ^Y; eof = ^D; eol = <undef>;
        eol2 = <undef>; erase = ^?; erase2 = ^H; intr = ^C; kill = ^U;
        lnext = ^V; min = 1; quit = ^\; reprint = ^R; start = ^Q;
        status = ^T; stop = ^S; susp = ^Z; time = 0; werase = ^W;

I've a desktop mobo (Intel D945GNTL) with onboard Intel Graphics. My
BIOS doesn't support redirecting its output to COM1.

Following are the issues:

1. comconsole_speed in /boot/loader.conf is not working. I wanted to
try 115200 baud rate, but its not working when set in loader.conf. If
I set comconsole_speed at
loader prompt, it works.

2. Keyboard doesn't work irrespective of '-P' being present in
/boot.config . So I can't login to any TTY or login to X via GDM.

I'm following 

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