About two months ago (yes, I'm only now getting around to fixing this), I 
decided it was time to upgrade my Xorg install from 6.9 to the current.  I 
followed the instructions in /usr/ports/UPDATING from 20070519.  After the 
upgrade, everything was going ok, until I logged out of KDE.  I ended the 
session and was redirected to ttyv0.  The following was on the system 

Jan 18 20:22:36 sniper kdm-bin[788]: X server for display :0 terminated 
Jan 18 20:22:36 sniper kdm-bin: :0[948]: IO Error in XOpenDisplay
Jan 18 20:22:36 sniper kdm-bin[788]: Display :0 cannot be opened
Jan 18 20:22:36 sniper kdm-bin[788]: Unable to fire up local display :0; 

I then went to another console and, as root, did:

sniper# sockstat | grep x
root     kdm-bin    788   9  stream /var/run/xdmctl/dmctl/socket

Which cleared out whatever was wrong and restarted kdm-bin and allowed me to 
start another session.  What exactly is going on here?  The reason it isn't 
too big a deal, and took me until now to mention it is because I'm about the 
only person who uses FreeBSD here at home and so when I logout, it's usually 
to shut off the computer.

Any thoughts on how to fix this?

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