after all the endless reading... and with the weekend ahead... May I
conclude that:

1) Flash 9 works as long as I relocate the libs in /compat
2) I must use version 6 of the linux libraries
3) Must use the linux firefox

Am I missing something???

Will try to put all the libraries in /usr/compat/lib
and try to run firefox???

Or will try to use nspluginwrapper code ????

I will ask SUN about opensolaris and flash player...

I received an DVD from sun and the sistem installed without problems.
seems to be as fast as a FreeBSD, with a beautifull gnome 2.20

It is a little bit closed,  and I have not enough time to test it.. but
very good.

May be an emulation of SVR4 in ELF  would solve the flash problem...

Thanks for the attention,


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