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On Tue, Jan 01, 2008 at 06:20:22PM +0000, James Jeffery wrote:

 Before i end the toipic, anyone got any feeback on the Asus Eee (mini
 laptops) with FreeBSD?

It works, but no drivers exist for the wireless or wired Ethernet ports.
The wireless is a newer Atheros part and ath(4) should gain support for
it, but I have no idea what the timeline will be.  The wired Ethernet
is an Atheros (formerly Attansic) L2 10/100, and I'm not aware of any
concrete plans for a driver for it.

I've used a Linksys USB200M USB ethernet (axe(4) driver) with mine and
that works well.

One of the guys I know is running FreeBSD on the Eee, and has written
up the following information for anyone who is interested in doing
what he did:

This includes tips on how to get the wireless working, and sound,
and some oddities with how X11 works.

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