I ran /usr/ports/UPDATING which took all day. When I was finished I started
xwindows and it worked fine, so as usual I shutdown the machine. Later when

X window system, not x-windows. it's not a kind of windows (fortunately).

I restarted the computer and tried to restart xwindows it would not start
but gave me several errors, the log is included below:
    Jan 19 12:23:49 twcny kdm-bin[754]: X server for display :0 terminated
Jan 19 12:23:49 twcny kdm-bin: :0[758]: IO Error in XOpenDisplay
Jan 19 12:23:49 twcny kdm-bin[754]: Unable to fire up local display :0;

look at /var/log/XOrg.0.log to see why x server doesn't work

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