> Irecently built a CD of images to give to a friend. I noticed the timestamps 
> displayed when I list the CD contents are five hours earlier than they should 
> be. Five hours matches my GMT offset. This is a dual-boot system with Win XP, 
> so the hardware clock is set to local time. 

> E.g. a file on my hard drive has a correct timestamp 
> -rw-------  1 bobo  bobo  2246671 Jan 19 12:22 IMG_0660_080115_2348.JPG 

> while the same file on the resulting CD looks like 
> -rw-------  1 bobo  bobo  2246671 Jan 19 07:22 IMG_0660_080115_2348.JPG 

> The "date" command returns the correct local time. 

> Did I do something incorrectly, or is this a bug in mkisofs? It appears to me 
> that mkisofs decided to correct for GMT offset when it shouldn't have. 

> The sequence of operations I followed is below. 

Let me asume you use a _recent_ mkisofs and set up a correct timezone...

Then you found a FreeBSD kernel bug in your filesystem code.

BTW: The first bug I found in mkisofs (this was in 1995) was a TZ bug and
mkisofs did use the wrong sign for the timezone offset. Since this has been
fixed, the only reported problems where in effect +- 24 hours from New-year.

What do you get from "mkisofs -version"?
What timezone do you have (how many hours from GMT and which location)?
What do you have in the TZ= variable?
What do you see with "TZ=GMT ls -l ToJoe"?


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