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> Seeing the thread about flash with mozilla, I thought, "a flash
> plugin with opera would be cool." Last night I tried to get flash
> working with opera. I failed. With native opera, I cannot get any
> plugins to work. Here is what I know:
> 1. What opera bitches about:
>    Could not start operapluginwrapper.
>    Plugins will not work correctly.
> 2. Why opera bitches:
>    ldd operapluginwrapper;
>    ...
>    libXThrStub.so.6 => not found (0x0)
>    ...
> 3. Why it is missing:
>    "On OpenBSD, and on old FreeBSD, libc lacks pthread stubs.
>    This is a problem because libX11 needs to support threading,
>    but shouldn't cause all X programs to be linked against the
>    threading library. The solution is libXThrStub (UIThrStubs.c),
>    which provides weak symbols to stub threading functions,
>    which are ignored if the application links against the thread
>    library. I had moved libXThrStub into libX11, because it
>    seemed unnecessary."
> 4. What I have installed:
>    linux-flashplugin-9.0r115 Adobe Flash Player NPAPI Plugin
>    opera-9.25.20071214 A blazingly fast, full-featured,
> standards-compliant browse
>    opera-linuxplugins-9.21.20070510_1 Linux plugin support for the
> native Opera browser
> Does anyone have flash working with opera? If so, how? Where can I
> get libXThrStub.so.6?

My suggestion is to check out 'graphics/gnash'. That port works
surprisingly well for part these days.
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