OK, I'm stumped. We run an (almost) all-FreeBSD site, with the only exception being the MySQL server; it has been running Fedora due to the better Linux threading performance. I have been unhappy with both the management tools on Linux (not the same ...) and the reliability of the ext3 filesystem, so with the appearance of FreeBSD 7.0, I saw the opportunity to move back to FreeBSD for the database as well.

The setup?

   * FreeBSD 7.0 RC1 amd64
   * Dual Opteron 2216 (dual core)
   * 6 GB of memory
   * LSI Logic MegaRAID 320-2
   * 4x 36GB SCSI in a RAID-5 array (plus two hot spares)

Booting from a bootonly CD, the system happily starts sysinstall, and I can go through the installation steps, partitioning the primary and only disk (amrd0) and creating the filesystems. When I begin the commit step, the filesystem appears to get created correctly.

However, once sysinstall begins downloading the packages using FTP, it fails to write them with a "unable to write data - file system full" error (the root file system was configured as 2 GB).

Using the Alt+F4 emergency shell, I am able to cd to /bin, but little else. It does appear that the file system does exist, though. I have used the MegaRAID BIOS to ensure that the logical volume is consistent, and have re-initialized it, but with no difference. Unfortunately I'm doing the install on the console, not serial, so I have no dmesg log to share.

I do recall using the amr driver with an HP NetRAID card with an earlier version of FreeBSD (possibly 5.x), but I can't remember whether it was the boot device, like it is here.

Can anyone offer suggestions for wrestling down this problem?

Thanks ...

Tom Haapanen
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