> I'm not sure I'm writing on the appropriate mailing
> list but I don't know what's the source of my problem.
> I'm using an old computer with AT (pin-5) keyboard.
> When I'm using normal AT keyboard everything works
> fine. But when I connect modern PS/2 keyboard (SGI
> 101-key model) using PS/2->AT connector it refuse to
> work in "login:" prompt although it works in my boot
> manager and even in autoboot 9-second waiting prompt.
> Technical details:
> On boot both keyboards display:
>   atkbdc0:<keyboard controller ...... on isa0
>   atkbd0:<AT keyboard> ... on atkbdc0
> But whereas AT keyboard displays:
>   kbd0 at atkbd0
> PS/2->AT keyboard displays:
>   device_probe_and_attach: atkbd0 attach returned 6
> What can I do?

Does your PS2 keyboard work in PS2 based computers?
if it does then your converter might not be functioning correct. Else i
guess your keyboard is broken.


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