Nerius Landys wrote:

how can i reinstall the original /usr/src

If you have the install CD, you can even extract the sources from there.

I don't recollect the exact location (am in office, don't have a CD with me) but its in a directory named "src" and has many files in it. These files are split archives of the original /usr/src tree. There's also a shell script called '''' which can be run to combine all these files and extract to a specific location.

By default the extracted to location is $DESTDIR/usr/src. Since you want to install to /usr/src, set $DESTDIR to /.

So in effect, the following commands should extract the sources to /usr/src for you. (I assume you've inserted the FreeBSD and its mounted at some path).

# cd /path/on/cd/where/sources/are
# DESTDIR=/ ./ all

Hope that helps.

                                - Rakhesh
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