Living just outside of Fargo, I find this interesting. I guess I better
not telnet to service ports to make sure HTTP/SMTP/IMAP/IPOP servers
are running.

it looks like slowly microsoft is doing their work - to change "internet" to webbrowsing with everything else forbidden.

Admininstratively, the Zone transfers should be restricted to secondary

of course, i do this, everyone who at least read documentation - do this too.

peers. If a person constructed the walls of their house out of glass,
how can you complain that the neighbors that are capable of moving their
heads of watching you at night?

you don't have to tell me (and others).

and the question is not if, but WHEN will we all be forced to use just one type of computers, one operating system, one type of given program BY LAW.

Poland are not communist country since 1989, but for how long? how about other countries?

what i think about such actions is that it's turning back to communism, just not saying this.
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