On 7 Feb 2003 at 10:02, David Rio wrote:

> On Thu, Feb 06, 2003 at 07:19:36PM -0500, stan wrote:
> > What machines should I be looking at? Assume that I have about $2k to
> > spend.
> Try dell. Inspiron 8200 seems great. Of course you must be careful with the
> hardware, but for me there is another important feature that I take care
> every time I buy a laptop: keyboard. Today, there is a annoying tendency to
> put unuseful keyboards on laptops.
> Inspirons 8200 are great, but they weigh so much. If you are going to use it
> at your work maybe you don't mind that the laptop weigh four-five kg.

If you like the Dells for FreeBSD, and like the keyboards, you should 
be aware that Dell uses that keyboard across quite a few notebooks, not 
all of them as heavy as the 8200.  The Inspiron 4150 is a lighter 
machine, due to having a 1 inch smaller display and only two spindles 
(the 8200 has three, counting the module bay).  On the Latitude side 
the C840 is essentially the same machine as the 8200, while the C510, 
C610 and C640 have the same base as the Inspiron 4150.  The primary 
differences between Latitude and Inspiron versions are that Inspiron 
emphasizes style, while Latitude works with the broader range of 
Latitude docks.  Note that the 8200/C840 can support a CAD-capable 
graphics card and has a really nice large display, if that's important 
to you and you can stand the weight.  We do run mechanical CAD on our 
C800s and C810s.

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