>         I need to know which is the latest stable FreeBSD release(6.2 ?) and
> does it goes well with Dell 2950 ?

6.3 should be the latest stable.

And yes about the 2950, with the bellow remarks (I asked the same
question one month ago, check fro the tread about "dell Power Edge


> Make sure that you get a Revision 2 (R2).  We had some serious stability 
> issues with two R1s.  Yay for beta testing $6k servers.
> You'll want to read the entire thread about mfi(4) and bce(4) instability 
> on RELENG_6.  Someone just reported a geometry size reporting error with 
> the new PERC/6 that Dell is pushing, so stick with PERC/5.
> My personal recommendation is to use em(4) and disable onboard Broadcom 
> and forget that Dell ever started shipping Broadcom.
> ~BAS

> > As stupid as this is going to sound, I solved my dump problem on one of
> > my 2950s running amd64 7.0 with two dual core processors.
> > 
> > The problem was when I did a level 0 dump, regardless of partition. At
> > random times the dump would halt, never to resume. Restarting the dump
> > was a hit-and-miss as to whether it would succeed. Eventually the dump
> > would succeed but it might tape 20 attempts to dump /var, for example.
> > 
> > The problem was solved this stupid way:
> > 
> > Have some other disk activity on the dumping partition. For example, if
> > I am dumping /var I repeatedly execute this command: ls -lR /var
> > > /dev/null
> > 
> Did you disable the "randomly schedule a RAID parity check of random 
> sectors" feature in the PERC5 BIOS?
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