Sten Daniel Soersdal wrote:

Thank you, i appreciate your time.
At the bottom of the (messy) mail i sent there was the error i get from building sources. I think it's the same error, no matter what version of sources i download. Could it have any relations to any compiler version upgrades done in 7.0 (not by me but by freebsd project)?

How many versions of the source code did you try? In your case I recommend only 7.0-RELEASE. The terminology in your email makes me skeptical that you have tried what I recommended.

Did you run cvsup? I highly recommend using cvsup to update your sources. It's slick. It's saves bandwidth. Plus it's the way that just about everyone who runs FreeBSD maintains there system. That means lot's of tech support.

If you are just downloading sources using FTP, or perhaps sysinstall, then I recommend deleting all of /usr/src and re-FTP-ing the sources.

I have never had a problem that could not be fixed by re-supping the sources. On rare occasion a breakage will be introduced by the freebsd project or you might cvsup most, but not all of a change that is being implemented. A re-sup has always worked for me. A re-sup has always been the very first thing that people on -questions have recommended.

-RELEASES are never broken.  At least not that I can recall.

Try re-posting your question with the last twenty lines or so of your log file. Perhaps someone else will pick it up. They might be able to suss out the exact details of your problem.

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