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Anyone used mfsbsd to do remote install of a dedicated server with

No, but..


A dedicated server has FreeBSD 6.x running with / as the entire
partition of the entire disk.  Hoping to find a solution to do reinstall

That's unfortunate. Is it really the entire disk? If you even had, say, a swap partition you could potentially use it to bootstrap the process--
1) Comment out swap line in /etc/fstab
2) Reboot
3) re-label and newfs the swap partition
4) dump/restore some or all of your existing setup to the new fs (or do a manual minimal install using sysinstall, or do an installworld with DESTDIR set to the new fs ...) 5) Change /etc/fstab on the ORIGINAL root partition (since that's still what you'll be booting from for now) to mount root from the new fs
6) Reboot and cross your fingers
7) Observe that the new fs is mounted and the original one is not. Make your partitioning changes. Move / restore / reinstall your directories and mountpoints as needed. 8) Make sure the /etc/fstab on the NEW root (preferrably on partition a) points to the right place. 9) Re-install the boot blocks on the disk and the slice for good measure (using fdisk and bsdlabel respectively)
10) Reboot and cross your fingers and toes
11) Observe that your original swap area is NOT mounted and that everything else is. Edit /etc/fstab to use your swap area for swap again.
12) swapon -a

depenguinator seems incompatible with the current latest FreeBSD

Advices other than "DRAC, IPKM or hire a tech" are welcome.

Using mfsbsd, depenguinator, or an approach like the one above there is at least one point in the process where you only get one chance to get it right. Depending on your personality this might be an adrenaline rush, but in any case you should have a backup plan such as DRAC, IPKM, or an available tech. Or an IP KVM (Belkin makes one that will let you use ISO images over the network as a USB CD). Or a serial console. etc. etc.


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