In response to Jack Barnett <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Are there any good VM Options for FreeBSD?
> There is VMWare in ports; which I really like - but it's a few years old 
> and still stuck on version 3 the last time I tried it.

VMWare on FreeBSD is a no-op.  Someone should really remove that port.

jail is your best option.  See the handbook for details and install the
ezjail port to make it more manageable.  The drawback is that jail can
only run other FreeBSD instances in the VM.

Next up would be qemu.  I use it a lot and it works a lot like VMWare.
The disadvantage to qemu is that it's really slow.

Down the list are a number of technologies in various stages of
development, such as Xen.  I don't recommend any of them at this time
unless you want to help with development.

Bill Moran
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