I have some strange behavior with some files and some directories
being doubled on samba. When checking on freebsd file system all is
OK. Mounting partitions on windows clients or connecting with
smbclient would show some doubled files or directories. I mean the
same file appear twice. When deleting one from windows both disappear
but copying back the file from backup, again I have 2 files with the
same name.

smb: \> ls DATA\RON\E*
  EURO.XG0                            A     4096  Wed Jan 23 14:58:44 2008
  EURO.XG0                            A     4096  Wed Jan 23 14:58:44 2008

First I've upgraded samba to the latest port version (samba-3.0.28,1) - no joy.

I've made a jail (maybe the ports are messed?) only with samba. Same result.

I've source upgraded to 6.3-RELEASE. Nice but didn't solve the problem.

The system was stable and I cannot relate any software maintenance
with the beginning of this behavior.

Any pointers would be appreciated.

Cristian Salan
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