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> Gerard wrote:
> > I have not been able to find any information in regards to the
> > latest version of Perl, version 5.10.0, released in December.
> > 
> > 1) When will this version be available in the ports system?
> After 7.0 is released.
> > 2) Will FreeBSD-7.0 use this as the default Perl version?
> Not as it will be shipped, but users can upgrade to it later.  I was 
> going to say "easily upgrade", but that might turn out to be a lie :)
> Historically, new versions of perl are a recipe for large amounts of 
> pain because of all the old perl code that stops working.  It would
> be completely irresponsible to attempt that update prior to the
> release (and moreover, the packages are already finalized for 7.0
> anyway, modulo security updates).

IMHO, updating to a new OS is like buying a new car. I certainly would
not purchase a new vehicle if it contained an old motor. Yes, I could
swap out the old motor for a new one once I purchase it; however,
wouldn't it have been wiser for the dealer to have done so and spared
me the problem. Perhaps this is not the ideal analogy; however, I think
you get the idea.

I just hope this decision does not cause the fiasco that the updating
of Xorg caused and still, from reading the postings on this forum,
still continue to cause for some users.

Thanks for your response.


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