Dax Eckenberg wrote:
Daxbert wrote:

I have a monochrome monitor I'd like to plug
in to a pentium-based FBSD router.
Does your system's bios support older video?  Video selection is normally found on the "first" bios setup page.
Thanks.  I put back the VGA monitor card and
checked.  On the BIOS set-up page it shows
the display type as "VGA/CGA" but stippled
out, as it also stipples out the amount of

There are other video related memory settings
to be played with, but I'm guessing monochrome
is not an option.  True??

Well, I just remember from the "old" days being able to choose between VGA, CGA, MGA??.  Where MGA usually referred to a Hercules or
other monochome adapter.

The stippling (sp?) may be due to the BIOS auto-detecting the video type.  It may very well detect "Mono/MGA/something" when the
monochome card is installed.

So, does your host boot, just without video suport?  Or does it sit there and beep at you as if there was no video card installed?

It booted and ran fine with only the mono card in there,
just no video.  With both cards now, the VGA works and
still no mono.  (Before today I only had the VGA in.)

I'm guessing either the BIOS does not handle mono, or
maybe just this mono card.  Thanks for your help so far
and whatever other things you might suggest to look at,
but it seems like a dead end at the moment.


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