I have successfully resolved a multuser samba configuration that uses
rsync to backup to a remote freeNAS server however the changes to the
conf file are overwritten whenever the server is restarted. I would like
to be able to store GID = groupname properly through the webGUI instead
of kludging it after reboot please advise how to proceed. I do not want
to diverge in my code from the project code but I do need this feature
in order to use FreeNAS in my environment.

We are connected to AD and have FreeNAS servers at remote schools
rsyncing to our central FreeNAS server which is storing data to an iscsi


I also found an error in the nssswitch.conf  hosts= files dns wins
should read hosts = files dns winbind (which again gets overwritten on
reboot after I manually fix it).


I am competent in php and happy to make modifications if needed but
desire to further this valuable project, please advise how to proceed.


Andrew Bailey

Webmaster, Postmaster




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