It is a fairly old machine I  am trying to use.
> One that has been switched  off and  gathering dust for some time.
> Award Modular  BIOS v4.51PG, AnEnergy Star Ally
> Copyright(c)  1984-99  Award Software, Inc.
> I've never updated a BIOS before and it sounds a  bit scarey.
> I guess I'll  just overwrite an old 10Gig disk with FreeBSD 4.3 on
> instead.
> I don't really  need the extra space but thought it would be sensible to
> install on a new disk.
> Probably  stick the new disk on ebay  ;-)

Maybe this will offer encouragement.  I have an Abit BH6 motherboard; it was
made before 1999.  (IIRC the board had a similar "big disk" problem that was
fixed after a BIOS update.)  I updated the BIOS by going to Abit's
international website and following links for drivers/BIOS.  It's not that
tough once you find information and instructions.  You'll need a floppy and
maybe a Windows machine from which to make the floppy.
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