I tried :ipmitool power soft
it still hangs....
On Friday 25 January 2008 08:18:10 am Link wrote:
I`ve already upgraded to newest 2.01 bios. It does not fix problem.

Just reboot it via the IPMI, which dell calls the BMC. They never hang when rebooted that way.

For some history....About 1/2 of the 1950's out there exhibit this problem, the other half don't, and no one (AFAIR) has identified what is different between a box that has the problem and one that doesn't. Dell has a long history of making small changes mid-run and not documenting them.

If you are unlucky enoung to have a 1950 that hangs during reboot, it will do it between 25 and 30% of the time.

If only this were the biggest problem facing someone with FreeBSD on their 1950....

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