On 7 Feb 2003 at 11:06, northern snowfall wrote:

> Yeh, according to FreeBSD's /sys/isa/fd.c and /sys/sys/fdcio.h 360k 1.2M 
> 720k are the only ones supported. This, in particular, is a Mitsumi D509V3 which 
> is a 1.2M.

The fact that it's a Mitscrewme worries me.  I've seen a lot of trouble 
with their floppy mechanisms.  1.2s were particularly troublesome.  
Often they could read what they wrote, but not what was written 

Hmmm....  I suppose there's not much chance I'll get this here 8-inch 
floppy drive working on my FreeBSD system.  Ah, well, all my disks were 
written in DOS.H, anyway.

Jerry Dunham

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