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> I believe that in Redmond you'll find some people who disagree with
> you... I can't re-install Vista here without it wiping the entire
> disk. Older versions of DOS/Windows merely overwrote the MBR,
> something that wasn't right either, but at least it could be fixed.
> Vista doesn't seem willing to share at all.

There have been several articles written describing how to install Vista
after installing another OS. You could start with this one, or Google
for others.


I ran across a Microsoft KB article describing how to accomplish it
also; but for the life of me, I cannot find it again. If I feel
ambitious at some future point, I might re-investigate it.

BTW, from what I have read, Vista does not have to be on the primary
partition any longer. It simply needs to be on the active one to boot.
I have not investigated that however.


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