Ivan "Rambius" Ivanov wrote:

 I was only unsure how to proceed with the users backup.

If users are the only thing you wish to back up:


You can backup system files (/etc, /usr/local/etc, /var) if you want but
that's another topic.

Some hints:

1. Check if there are users who have their home-dir outside /home...
2. Check /tmp to see if users have files there (they shouldn't count on
   those being preserved, that's not what /tmp is for, but you might want
   to offer a little bit of extra service by doing this anyway)
3. There might be slight differences between the current /etc/group and
   /etc/master.passwd and the ones on the new system. So, instead of
   blindly copying the old ones onto the new system, I suggest you add the
   relevant entries in the old files to the new files by hand (or script).
4. If you copy the encrypted passwords, then users don't need to set a new
   password after you've reinstalled the system.
5. Keep track of UIDs/GIDs: you might need to do some chowning to give
   everybody their files back if their (numerical) UIDs/GIDs have changed.
6. If you don't need to repartition your disks, it might be an option to
   just leave /home alone during the reinstall (set the newfs flag to N).
   That leaves /home untouched and you can just mount it afterwards.



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