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> >Hmm, how did you end up with 7.2 installed, with the old /usr/X11R6 dir?
> >I thought that went away in the transition from 6.9 to 7.2...
> So it apparently should be..
> >
> >Anyhow, following Kris' instructions in UPDATING should see you through
> >the upgrade OK. I did it quite painlessly on a few machines, although
> >others did report difficulties. If it comes to it, you can uninstall
> >all your X-related ports and do a clean install of Xorg 7.3 - it'll
> >take a while, but it will get the job done.
> According to the instructions:
>  Unfortunately portupgrade (nor portupgrade-devel) cannot yet handle
>   the rigors of the xorg upgrade without a small bit of help:
>   # portupgrade -Rf libXft
> results in:
> ** Listing the failed packages (*:skipped / !:failed)
>         * x11/xorg-libraries (xorg-libraries-7.2_1)
> --->  Packages processed: 112 done, 47 ignored, 1 skipped and 0 failed

Yep, because /usr/X11R6 still exists. Try running the mergebase.sh script
at /usr/ports/Tools/scripts/mergebase.sh. My guess is that in the past
you began the upgrade path from 6.9 to 7.x but didn't quite finish the
procedure (note that is very much a guess). You should probably read
through the script before you run it, just in case your system isn't
set up as it expects.

> So I guess I'm gonna do a clean install of all of X....but can you tell 
> me which packages I should remove exactly?

Depends very much on what you have installed - pkg_info(1)'s -r and -R
options will help you to build up an overview of what you need to 
remove/update, if mergebase doesn't work. It's a good idea to save a list
of currently-installed ports to refer to in the event this all goes *pop*.

Good luck!


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