I am developing a FreeBSD port and I would like to invoke a shell
command from it and assign its output to a variable. The command in
question is

# make -f /usr/ports/lang/fpc/Makefile -V PORTVERSION

and I have verified that it works on the command line.

I try to use it in my port's Makefile in the following way:

FPCVERSION=             `make -f /usr/ports/lang/fpc/Makefile -V PORTVERSION`

but it fails with the following error

Syntax error: EOF in backquote substitution

I also tried

FPCVERSION=             `make -f /usr/ports/lang/fpc/Makefile -V PORTVERSION`

but it fails on the same error. Can you please advise me how to call
this command?

Thank you in advance.


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