> I'm a newbie FreeBSD user, I've just installed the 5.5 version.
> I know this is a very silly question but I've searched the archives and
> any
> suggestions are welcome.
> I think my system is not connected to the internet or any external
> network,
> ping dosent work ( nor ftp or dig)
> When I try to do a post-install configuration and choose to enable the
> inetd
> daemon option from the sysinstall, it doesnt invoke the editor to change
> the
> inetd.conf at all, so I did a root-login and enabled ftp, even pftp and
> other services in the file as mentioned in the installation document.
> But still I'm unable to ftp to any server, the message I get is ftp:
> hostname or servname not known or not provided.
> Do you guys have any ideas ?

The standard install should have asked you if you want to configure your
network device.  The questions it would ask is which device to configure,
and whether to try to configure DHCP, and whether to try to configure IPv6.
It would then ask you, during install, whether to try to "bring up the
network interface now?"

If these questions were not part of the install, then something is not
right, and someone else on this board might help you.  My guess (I'm a
newbie too) is that perhaps the network device was not recognized by FreeBSD

It's always possible to do network configuration post-install.  I'd find
some documentation on that in the handbook.  I think the file that
configures the network is rc.local or something.  But first make sure the
kernel recognized the network device.  You might have to put something in
/boot/loader.conf to load a kernel module for your network device?  But
inetd and ftp server and what not have nothing to do with your network
actually working, so you were barking up the wrong tree.
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