Okay, I had a freshly installed 6.3 on a machine (thanks Derek
Ragona), and my intention is to use this new installation as a direct
replacement of an older 5.3 box.  This means using the same host name,
IP address, and services.  I want to make sure I've crossed all the

I installed ilohamail and since I'm using mysql for the database, I
need to bring over the tables.  So I use mysqladmin to copy all
databases and their tables from the old box and restore them on my new

Copy over my users' home directories, and copy the /etc/master.passwd
and /etc/passwd files.

I need to bring over the old httpd.conf file so my virtual hosts are
preserved.  Also bring over the related directories with content.

Run #hostname <new.name> to change the hostname, and edit the
/etc/rc.conf file to make the change permanent.  Edit the /etc/hosts
file also, or copy over the old one.

To change the address, vi the /etc/rc.conf file to edit the if_config
lines (disconnect the old box from the network, first) and run

Now I'm really unsure of this step:  since this box is an important
dns host, couldn't I copy the entre /var/named structure over?  Or is
is best to create fresh ones?  It was well over two years ago when I
set bind/rndc up, and I remember not enjoying that.  I was hoping to
use the same zone records.

I'm the only one who ssh's in, so I don't care about those keys, but
my main concern is to have the mail/dns flowing the way it was before.
 The mail is handled by a third party's (Sophos) own postfix
implementation, and they have their own postgres database.

Is there anything I've missed, or am way off on?  Thanks.
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