At 06:36 PM 1/26/2008, Walter Jansen wrote:
The router connected to my server reports DNS inquiries like
"" which obviously leads nowhere

The server is in a SOHO situation connected to a router which is connected
to DSL; the server runs 6.3 Release and will serve as mailserver for the few
in-house employees  and as a webserver. The domain "" is
registered with who also run the "Custom DNS service".  The DNS
entries were checked with staff and found in accordance with the

During installation  of the server, the hostname "" and
the domain name "" were entered in the appropiate Sysinstall


/etc/hosts shows:

::1            localhost      localhost   myserver is allocated to the server by the DHCP of the router; this IP
address is fixed though!!

Table /etc/ reads:


nameserver  (my router's IP address

I postponed installation of Postfix and Apache as I feel that host- and
domainname should be configured correctly to prevent accumulating trouble.

Remarks a most appreciated.

The extra entries in /etc/hosts are for both IP6 and IP4 the hostname entry with the trailing dot: denotes it as a fully qualified domain name, FQDN.

If hostname shows the correct hostname with one domain, the problem is else ware. If it is else ware, I suspect your router is adding the to every lookup.


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