I know that this is not only a FreeBSD issue, but I don't know where else I 
should ask. First, this issue has been brought up here in a different way 3 
years ago, but there seems to be no solution, yet. [1]

I use Latex for documentation and presentations of my work. My problem is that 
I still haven't found a working DVI-Viewer in FreeBSD without installing the 
whole KDE-dependencies (KDVI). Latex compiles into dvi files. So either I use 
teTex (as the thread [1] recommends) but which is not supported anymore [2] 
and cannot use XDVI, or I install the latex-package and will not be able to 
use other Latex-tools like dvips and cannot print or share it.
To make it short:

===>  Installing for xdvi-pl20_3

===>  xdvi-pl20_3 conflicts with installed package(s): 

      They install files into the same place.
      Please remove them first with pkg_delete(1).
*** Error code 1

AFAIK both packages want to install the file /usr/local/bin/latex.

So my questions are: Is there a way to bent the dependency of XDVI on teTex in 
general (maybe this is a developers issue, not porters - don't know) or is 
there another small Viewer I may use instead? The other way would be much 
more difficult, I think. Has anyone here a workaround for this? Is there a 
solution in the very near future?

Thanks a lot

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