I have no manual for this (used) Acer Pentium 120.
The Acer web site does not appear to have schematics
or other MB information (that I could find).  And
looking at the MB I see nothing that leads me (a
non-tech) to think there's a VGA/MGA selector.
Anything particular writing or abbreviations I
might look for?  (Good thought.)

James Long wrote:
On Fri, Feb 07, 2003 at 01:10:09PM -0500, Walter wrote:

I'm guessing either the BIOS does not handle mono, or
maybe just this mono card.
Long, long, ago, motherboards had a jumper on them, with one
position for monochrome, and another position for everything
else. Either I missed it, or you didn't say what motherboard
you are using, but you might take a close look both at the docs and the board itself to see if there is such a jumper on

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